Import annotations (Beta)

Hasty supports importing existing annotations to a Hasty project.

To import existing annotations, first, click on "Import Annotations (Beta)" in the present in the project dashboard.

Then click on "New import" which would bring up the following page:

Name your import, then click on Next. This will prompt you to add files for the annotations.

Note: Please make sure that the type of the import is supported by Hasty.

How to import annotations to a Hasty project?

Since our Import annotations feature is in Beta, Hasty allows you to import labels in a JSON file with a special structure of the Hasty JSON v1.1 that uses a similar format to COCO but builds on top of it with added complexity. So, to avoid the potential obstacles when uploading your annotations to the project, please follow the sequence of simple steps:

  1. Create your Hasty project and upload all the necessary files to it;
  2. Create the label classes and attributes you will use in your project;
  3. Download the project to your local machine using the Export data feature. When choosing the export format, please select the Hasty JSON v1.1 one. As a result, you will get a JSON file that will already contain all the necessary information about your project, images, label classes, and attributes;
  4. Add your annotations to the JSON file. Please check out simple examples linked below and the annotations' import types supported by Hasty;
  5. Upload the JSON file to your project through the Import Annotations (Beta) feature.

Awesome, you nailed it.

For further information, please see:

Last updated on Jun 01, 2022

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