Improving your success rate

We are improving the success rate of companies implementing image-based AI. We are doing this by building tooling that makes it more intuitive to train an AI, reduces human error and tackles the biggest issues blocking this to date - annotating data.

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Illustration showing '81%'
Underestimated the difficulty of annotation
Illustration showing '78%'
Have quality issues with their training data
Illustration showing '63%'
Had to redo their initial dataset
Illustration showing '57%'
Struggle with creating enough data

Semi-automated labelling

The world’s fastest annotation tool

While you use our suite of manual annotation tools we have a custom generated AI that is learning your use case in the background. Once the confidence of this AI hits a predetermined confidence level, we give you suggestions of where the annotations should be. This changes the workflow to review and accept our suggestions, allowing you to generate labels in a fraction of the time.

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Focus on UX

Software that everyone can use

Our tool not only offers great technology that will help you create annotations faster, it is also easy-to-use so that you can get started labelling and draw the benefit of AI without having a degree in machine learning. Here, you can use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology by the click of a button.

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AI-powered error finder feature

We find your quality issues for you

One of the most painstaking and difficult tasks with labelling is quality assurance. By their nature, annotations are detail-driven and it is critical to get these details correct. Yet this is very tough to review manually. For this reason, we built an AI assistant that goes through the project and detects errors in your project. With the ensuing improvement in dataset accuracy, the models built on your data will increase in performance.

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On-premise available

A flexible infrastructure that adapts to your needs

We know that different users have different needs. Some are happy with the ease of a cloud-based solution, some have sensitive data that require extra security and privacy and a more secure environment. We built the tool with this in mind and can easily adapt and setup our tool in your local environment. If you are interested in an on-premise solution, contact us here.

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