All annotation is now free in Hasty.

The no-code model development solution for ML engineers

No-code often means simplified UIs giving you mediocre results. With Hasty, you can still pick your architecture and change every parameter - we take care of ML Ops for you.

Closing the gap between data and model

With Hasty, you can do data-centric development from the first annotation to a production-ready model in one tool. No more integrations. No more moving data from one environment to another. We make it simple for you to build advanced applications.

A single source of truth

Most ML engineers spend significant time building integrations, moving data between different tools, and keeping track of local experiments in spreadsheets. With Hasty, you get everything you need in a single application.

Train experiments, compare results, parameters, and metrics, and export production-ready models - all in one interface.

Flexibility to experiment

In our Model Playground, you can use several SOTA architectures for whatever your problem is. With us handling the time-intensive task of ML Ops, you can also be flexible. Not sure what architecture or parameter you want to try? Try them all and see what works best.

Getting you multiple choices allows you to experiment with unparalleled speed and enables you to find answers to the questions you have faster than ever before.

Complete control for advanced use cases

We believe that you know your use-case best. That’s why we refuse to simplify the model building process. After all - how can we know what works for your project?

In Hasty, everything is configurable. We match configs for any architecture you use 1:1 - so whatever you want to do, you can.


Hasty has taken our data labeling to the edge. Both semantic and bounding box labeling has gone from weeks or months on our large data sets to days. For QA, I just reviewed 19,000 labels in 5 hours. WTF!

Removing the risk from vision AI.

Only 13% of vision AI projects make it to production, with Hasty we boost that number to 100%.