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Hasty is built for the way you build

You learn fast. Your technology should, too.

Forget Inefficient, Time-Consuming Data Annotation

Hasty’s next-generation tool automates data annotation and reduces human error so you can work faster and see results sooner. Every label you create, we use to train and retrain our AI assistants, giving you better and better results. And you get higher and higher levels of automation that progress from labeling one object, to whole images, and finally to entire datasets.

Our neural networks learn on your project, making annotation automation customized and scalable to your specialized applications.

Leave Behind the Heavy Lifting Required to Cleanup Your Data

Hasty makes it easy for you to find errors in your data as you go, paving your way to a clean ground-truth dataset. From the start, powerful manual review features help you identify common errors. As you progress, the neural networks of Hasty’s Error Finder seek out mistakes in your ground truth – from misclassifications to artifacts and even poor segmentation.

Thanks to Hasty’s AI-powered quality control and effectual manual review features, instead of spending days looking for errors, you spend minutes fixing them.

Move On from Outdated, Linear Approaches to Building Neural Networks

Hasty’s Rapid Feedback Loop™ gives you short feedback cycles that let you iterate quickly to validate and adapt your approach as you label. With help from our AI assistants and human-in-the-loop approach, you get feedback from Hasty’s models before ever training your own. Now you can adapt your annotation strategy, test different approaches and be confident that you are creating the right data weeks, or even months, earlier than before.

See how models will perform based on your data after just 10 annotated images.

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Alex Barteau

Senior Engineer
at Pathspot

“Because of Hasty, PathSpot has been able to accelerate development of key features in our product roadmap. Open communication and clear dialog with the Hasty team has allowed our engineers to focus on developing other important features simultaneously. The rapid iteration and strong feedback loop with Hasty mirrors our culture of a fast-moving technology company.”