CloudFactory has acquired to offer a complete end-to-end Vision AI solution

Removing the risk from vision AI

Only 13% of vision AI projects make it to production. With Hasty we boost that number to 100%. All we need from you is data and domain expertise. The rest we handle.

Scaling your expertise

There are three ingredients that you need to be successful in AI: raw data, domain expertise and ML know-how.

You have the data and domain expertise already. With our ML knowledge, we can help you build vision AI solutions and secure your future competitive advantage.

How we helped other organizations

Bayer Crop Sciences builds a suite of precision farming applications to bring them closer to their customers
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A world-leading diamond manufacturer captures in-house domain expertise in a scalable solution
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A metallurgy company adds vision AI to their newest machine to ensure accurate results for their customers
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Audere is bringing medical testing to underserved communities in the field
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A healthcare startup is reducing infections by ensuring cleanliness in surgeries
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You are in control

We’re not a consultancy. Our aim isn’t to lock you into long-term contracts. We build AI that works while keeping you in control.

We can do so because everything we do, we build on top of our end-to-end vision AI platform. For you, that means complete control and ownership as you can check, export, and customize what we created for you and any stage.

A proven methodology

At Hasty, we’re experts in building vision AI in an economically viable way. With our unique methodology enabled by our platform, we helped hundreds of companies to:
deploy vision AI solutions in weeks, stay on budget,and move the needle for their business.

Our secret is a data-centric and agile approach based on our vast experience of delivering ML applications solving real-world problems.

Get AI confident. Start using Hasty today.

Automate 90% of the work, reduce your time to deployment by 40%, and replace your whole ML software stack with our platform.