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Work with world-class experts in vision AI

At Hasty, we’re experts in building vision AI in an economically viable way. With our unique methodology enabled by our platform, we helped hundreds of companies to deploy vision AI solutions in weeks, stay on budget, and move the needle for their business.

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Go to market 10x faster

We can help you build custom AI solutions between 10-15x faster by combining the automation we get from our platform with data-centric and agile processes.

We work with our clients in four ways

ML Strategy Design

We help with the ML strategy and constantly re-iterate.

DataOps and Labeling

We take care of all data needs.

Model Training

We train the model(s) and find the optimal configuration for you.

Deployment and Monitoring

We deploy to any environment and monitor performance.

Build AI in weeks with us while staying in control

Hasty is unique because we have and use our platform exclusively for all projects. That gives you four advantages:

No lock-ins

At any time, you can export all the work we’ve done - both data and models - out of Hasty.


If you want to know what’s going on, you can check for yourself on the platform.


Our platform allows us to rapidly test different approaches. This is our secret to guaranteeing your success.


When working with us, you do not only get a model. You also get our toolbox for how to build AI and replicate the work we do on our platform.

Get ready to scale your project

For 80% of vision AI teams, data is the bottleneck. Not with us.