All annotation is now free in Hasty.

An inference API that scales with you

Serve your models directly from Hasty’s infrastructure and run large-scale models in milliseconds with just a few lines of code.

Access and get inferences from any model via our API

Get your API-key, send your data, and receive predictions back from any model hosted in Hasty.

As with all API calls, we only charge you credits for predictions, and never for hosting your model.

Visualize and review any prediction made

When you use our inference engine, we save all data and inferences made so that you can go through and review how your model is performing on production data.

Find outliers, figure out what the model is struggling with, and get a better understanding for how your production data differs from your annotated data asset.

Closing the data flywheel

We all want to conform to best practice. In machine learning, that is having a data flywheel. Using our inference API, you can close the flywheel by sending images back for annotation - either through our interface our through our API.

Tuple helped us improve our ML workflow by 40%, which is fantastic. It reduced our overall investment by 90% to get high-quality annotations and an initial model.

Removing the risk from vision AI.

Only 13% of vision AI projects make it to production, with Hasty we boost that number to 100%.