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Get production ready in 3 weeks with our Launch Sprint

When you need to go fast, we are here to help.

Custom Support
During the sprint, we will be available to support on a chat-based tool of your preference
Use our expertise
With over 20 previous similar sprints behind us, we have the knowledge you need on how to get results fast
Repeatable success
We’re not only delivering a successful project together, but giving you the template for replicating it yourself after
Complete offering
If you need implementation assistance or ML engineering to build complex models, we can assist you.
What our customers say:

Bayer Crop Science

" helped us improve our ML workflow by 40%, which is fantastic. They reduced our overall investment to get high-quality annotations and a resulting model with 90%."

- Alexander Roth - Senior Principal Architect

Week 0

Aligning and preparing

Before we get going, we get to know each other. We establish clear goals and deliverables for the sprint and agree on how we can work together on a day-to-day basis. We also ensure that everything is in in place for the sprint, help with migration if needed, and answer any questions you might have beforehand.

Week 1

Giving you annotation automation

During the first week we will focus on creating a data asset that will allow us to get the model you need. We will start the week by showing you how to annotate your data in the fastest possible way, and how you can get the maximum out of our automation features. At the end of the week, you will have a first version of your data asset that can be used to train models.

Week 2

Model building and quality control

During the second week, we will show you how you can use AI to do quality control for you. We will clean up and polish your data asset, while starting to train models. Here, we enter an exploration phase where we try any different model configurations together to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Week 3

Integrating with your workflow

During the last week of the sprint, we will focus on pushing both your data and your model to it’s limits to deliver what we agreed on at the start. We will also assist you with getting the model to your environment of choice so that you start getting the benefits out of your new AI capabilities.

Need more help? We got you

If you have a need for custom-tailored ML solutions or want us to build integrations for you, we can help too. Support engineers and machine learning engineers can brought on to your project on an hourly rate.

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