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Hasty’s neural networks learn fast so you finish faster

Hasty is the quickest way to build a viable approach to your project, a production-ready application, and a self-learning system.

Highlighted Features: Hasty AI Assistants

Hasty predicts labels after just a few annotated images and the more you use it, the faster it gets. See ever-increasing levels of automation as our neural networks learn while you build your dataset.

  • Annotate data ten times faster
  • Automate up to 70% of your labeling work, at an accelerated pace
  • Go from idea to first model results in a single day

DEXTR gets great results in 4 clicks. Just place four points on each extreme point of the object you want to annotate and let AI do the heavy lifting.

Hasty Error Finder & Manual Review

Hasty lets you weed out any hidden annotation errors. Start out with our manual review, then run Hasty’s Error Finder to detect misclassifications, artifacts, missed objects, and poor segmentation.

  • Save time with Hasty’s quality assurance features
  • Stop spending countless hours tediously checking every image
  • Stop manually matching colors of annotations to label classes

Use insights generated on your data to find erros instead of spending hours finding them manually.

Hasty: Agile Machine Learning

Together with showing you how the AI interprets your data, through visualizing the suggestions from our assistants, Hasty gives you the plots for key metrics to analyze our neural networks and track your progress. Now you have the insight to assess the strength of your annotation strategy, track the effect new data has on performance, and accurately estimate annotation needs.

  • Train the model during labeling with Hasty’s Rapid Loop Feedback
  • Leverage the feedback on approaches to iterate quickly
  • Adapt and validate as you work, not after you deploy

Get instant feedback on our customized models' performance with every suggestion they make and train them quciker by correcting their mistakes.

Start labeling images for free.


Computer Vision/ML Researcher

"Hasty provides a seamless workflow that streamlined our complex, multi-group collaboration with several annotators and reviewers of very different technical backgrounds. Its features are very extensive, while being intuitive and easy to jump into. Coming from someone with an appreciation for design, Hasty's polished user interface is also very user-friendly. Most of all, the team behind it is incredibly responsive, helpful, and receptive to feedback and added features that made the product even more useful for us."