This tool is the default tool in Hasty, meaning that it is in use when you first enter the annotation interface. You can use this tool to move existing objects or to edit them.

The Move/Edit tool can be accessed in multiple ways. You can click this icon...

in the toolbar, use the hotkey “M” or just press “Esc” when you are using other tools and want to go back to this tool.

Selecting an object

To select an object, move the mouse pointer over it, and then left click once to select it. When hovering an object the label class color should increase in intensity. This is an indication that the object can be selected.

Selecting multiple objects or adding more objects to a current selection

If you want to select more objects, you can easily do so by pressing and holding “Shift” and then left-click on those that you want to select. You can also use the marquee function, which allows you to left-click, hold, and then drag an area in which you want to select all objects.

Select all objects

You select all labels label(s) by pressing “ctrl” + “a” or “cmd” + “a”.

Please note that the marquee function only works if you don’t have an object selected.

Deselecting objects

One or more objects can be deselected by either left-clicking on anything that is not an object, or by pressing “Esc”.

You can also deselect a specific object when multiple objects have been selected, by pressing and holding “shift”, and then left-click on the object you want to deselect.

Moving object(s)

One or more objects can be moved easily by left-clicking, holding down the button, and then move the selected object(s) to the desired position. You can also move objects by using the arrow keys. There are two keyboard modifiers available if you want to move an object using the keyboard. You can increase the distance an object will move per key press by holding down “shift”. You can also decrease the distance an object will move per keypress by holding “alt”.

Deleting objects

To delete label(s), you first have to select them, and then press either “Backspace”, “Delete” or “Fn” + “Delete”.

Cut objects

You can cut label(s) by pressing “ctrl” + “x” or “cmd” + “x”.

Copying objects

You can copy label(s) by pressing “ctrl” + “c” or “cmd” + “c”.

Paste objects

You can pasty label(s) by pressing “ctrl” + “v” or “cmd” + “v”.

Duplicate objects

You can duplicate label(s) by pressing “ctrl” + “d” or “cmd” + “d”.

Last updated on Nov 09, 2022

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