Image Classification Assistant

The Image Classification Assistant is our offering to automate image classification. We do so by training an AI model based on the data you provide. This custom-tailored approach means that you get AI assistance that gets better over time, as you provide more and more data.

To get started with the assistant, first, annotate 10 images using image tags, and set image status to "To review" or "Done".

This will trigger our model service to train the first model. This might take 2-10 minutes, depending on the load and the quantity of data you have per image.

When it becomes available, you will receive a notification in the bottom right corner.

This is the notification you'll see for the first time when the model has been trained

Working with the assistant

When the assistant becomes available, you will start seeing predictions in orange - as you can see here:

From here on out, you have two options. Either you can accept the predictions one by one, or if all of them are good, you can click the "Accept All" button at the top. This will add all suggested tags to the image.

Turning the assistant on/off

You can toggle the assistant predictions on or off by clicking on the toggle. Please note that the model will still retrain even if you have switched it off. We will just hide suggestions for you.

To see this assistant in action, check out our image classification page on our website.
Last updated on Nov 04, 2022

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