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Data Split

Page the user sees when they enter Model Playground

This page essentially gives an overview of the various splits already tried when a user enters the model building phase after data annotation and quality control steps.

Different parameters of the created splits on this page

  • Split name

  • Problem - This is the type of model you want to use for the model building phase. It includes: Attribute prediction, Label class prediction, Object detection, Image tag prediction, Instance segmentation, Semantic segmentation.

  • Creation date

  • Created by - This helps to track which user is experimenting with a particular model.

  • Images - This value gives an idea of the number of images (Total, Train, Test, Validation) that were used for a particular set of experiments/model types.

  • Experiments - Total number of experiments a user has carried out for a model type.

Actions you can perform on this page

Last updated on Jun 01, 2022

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