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MultiStepLR is a scheduler that decays the learning rate with a certain multiplicative factor set by the user when a certain milestone is reached. …

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Object Detection

Widgets GPU Consumption Running time Inference time Average Loss VS Number of Iterations mAP VS Number of Iterations Predictions on classes

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Object Detection

Inference sample for exported torchscript object detector model. Mask RCNN code example import torch import numpy as np from PIL import Image import …

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Object Detector

Object detectors find objects in an image by computing regions of interest (ROI), then draw a bounding box around it, and finally, run a …

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Orchestrated Deployment

If you want to run multiple models with different logics at once, it makes sense to use an orchestrated container platform like Kubernetes. It allows …

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Overview of topics

Overview of topics In the wiki, we dive into visionAI concepts of a wide variety of topics. The list will be ever-growing, but below you find our …

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Pyramid Attention Network was proposed for semantic segmentation in order to better handle the cases of the images with objects of various sizes by …

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Pascal VOC

The well-known Pascal VOC format is well documented here . With the Pascal VOC page from Oxford being down at the moment, the links point to a …

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Intuition As a neural network accumulates more parameters, it is more exposed to overfitting. Too many epochs can lead to overfitting of the training …

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Precision estimates how many of a classifier 's predictions are actually right. It is derived from the confusion matrix . It is the counterpart of …

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Primitive deployment using web frameworks

General scenario to deploy a ML model into production In general cases, we mostly follow the above diagram for deployment. There are 4 layers to …

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Scene Parsing Scene parsing is the process of segmenting and parsing an image into various visual areas that correspond to semantic categories such …

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