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Computer Vision in Production with Hasnain Raza

Hasnain is a Machine Learning Engineer here at Hasty AI. In pure engineering fashion, he likes tackling engineering and real world issues, trying to …

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Confusion Matrix

A confusion matrix is not really a metric, but many metrics are calculated on top of it because it gives a great indication of the model's …

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Containerized Deployment

Previously explained frameworks should be running well on your machine, but you might run into issues when you try to deploy to another environment …

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Cosine AnnealingLR is a scheduling technique that starts off with a very large learning rate and then aggressively decreases it to a value near 0, …

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Creating a new split

Layout for new split creation Parameters used for creating a new split Split name Type of model would you like to experiment with - It includes …

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Creating an experiment

Step by Step walk through of model playground experiments. After creating the splits, the user can now run experiments. By clicking a split, the user …

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Cross-Entropy Loss

Cross-entropy loss is a widely used alternative for the squared error. It is used when node activations can be understood as representing the …

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Learning rate is the most important hyperparameter in training deep neural networks. CyclicLR eliminates the need to tune the learning rate. The …

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Dampening (SGD)

Do you also have this one very reasonable friend who always slows you down when you have a crazy idea, like opening a bar, for example? Dampening is …

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Dashboard widgets and visualizations

Some common dashboard widgets that are available irrespective of the type of problem GPU Consumption Best performing model Runtime Inference …

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Data Split

Page the user sees when they enter Model Playground This page essentially gives an overview of the various splits already tried when a user enters …

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DeepLabv3+ is a semantic segmentation architecture that builds on DeepLabv3 by adding a simple yet effective decoder module to enhance segmentation …

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