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How to get AI production-ready with

In this video, we'll show how you can use Hasty to go from raw data to a production-ready model. While doing so, we highlight several issues that is …

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How to handle EXIF rotation

So, one of the more common issues we have in Hasty concerns EXIF rotation. Essentially, you look at an image locally - and it looks fine. You upload …

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Image export

Very simply, this exports all or a selection of images available in a dataset in a zip-file.

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Import annotations

Go here if you are looking for how to upload images. Here, you can upload annotations that you already have created in other annotation tools, or …

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Importing annotations

Contents Hasty support an import of existing annotations of the following types: bbox - Bounding boxes (as a JSON file) polygon - Polygons (as a JSON …

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Instance Segmentor

Instance segmentors combine the advantages of semantic segmentors and object detectors . On the one hand, they are able to predict pixel-perfect …

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Introduction to workspaces

Workspaces are spaces that allow you to collect all projects in one place, control access to them on a higher level, and slim down the work needed …

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IoU (Intersection over Union)

IoU is used to estimate how well a predicted mask or bounding box matches the ground truth data. IoU also known as Jaccard index or Jaccard …

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Iterations are the number of steps through batches of the training data needed to complete one epoch. For better understanding, consider the …

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The majority of the segmentation architectures like Pyramid Architecture Network , PSPnet, UNet have used the encoding-decoding strategy. The encoder …

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Manual Review

Manual review is a quality control interface where you can see all annotations made in a project in one place. You can also filter using one of our …

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mAP (mean Average Precision)

Mean average precision (mAP) is the most meaningful metric for object detectors , instance , and semantic segmentors . It incorporates the trade-off …

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