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Development Article

Using Computer Vision to Identify Critical Anatomy in Surgical Images

Find out how the Stanford Medical AI and Computer Vision Lab (MARVL) used Hasty to create the largest dataset containing images taken following …

Julia Gong

Development Article

The first end-to-end vision AI platform with truly automated data cleaning capabilities

Clean your data 35x cheaper using Confident Learning instead of Consensus Scoring.

Alex Wennman

Development Deploy Monitor Article

Uncovering hidden biases in your data

This post is a hands-on guide on how you can use Hasty's tooling to de-bias your data.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

Development Article

Using VisionAI for Getting to Know Guillemots, the Seabirds Telling Us about the Future

How the Bangor University in Wales uses Hasty to analyze climate change's effect on maritime eco systems.

Eleanor Falch

Design Development Article

How to nail your annotation strategy

A guide to finding the right approach for your use-case.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

Development Article

Building the data flywheel to overcome data shift

How companies like Tesla and Amazon make sure that their ML-models in production adapt to ever-changing environments

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

All stages Article

We need "Agile" in machine learning

It’s time for a non-linear, iterative approach that builds highly performant vision AI applications.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

Development Article

Levels of annotation automation

This post is a high-level exploration of the most common ways of implementing image-based deep learning (often referred to as image-based Artificial …

Tristan Rouillard

Development Deploy MP Wiki


The accuracy is the overall percentage of predictions without errors. It's derived from the confusion matrix . Accuracy used for multi-label …

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Adadelta was proposed with the aim to solve the diminishing learning rate problem that was seen in the Adagrad. Adagrad uses the knowledge of all the …

Development Deploy MP Wiki


Adagrad , short for adaptive gradient, is a gradient based optimizer that automatically tunes its learning rate in the training process. The learning …

Development Deploy MP Wiki


Adam solvers are the hassle free standard for optimizers. Empirically, Adam solvers converge faster and are more robust towards hyper-parameter …

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