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Semantic Segmentor

Semantic Segmentors create pixel-perfect masks of a given image and assign each pixel to a class. The most relevant property of semantic segmentation …

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Deep learning optimizer literature starts with Gradient Descent and the Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) is one very widely used version of it. The …

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Shift Scale Rotate

Parameters Probability It is the probability of applying the transformation to the sample images. Higher probability means that the expected number …

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Smallest max size

Parameters Minimum size of smallest side The parameter that specifies the length of the maximum size that is to be used to resize minimum side of the …

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StepLR decays the initial learning rate with some multiplicative factor. The decaying happens every N epochs or every N eval period (in case …

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Some classification problems do not have a balanced number of examples for each class label. For example, for a simple classification task, there …

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Architecture The architecture in UNET consists of two paths. Contracting path (encoder network) followed by an expansive path (decoder network). …

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UNet++ is a new versatile image segmentation architecture designed to improve image segmentation accuracy. UNet++ consists of U-Nets of varying …

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Upload images

On this screen, you can create and remove datasets in a project. Datasets are collections of images, not unlike folders in your operating system, …

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Users and Roles

On this screen, you can control who can do what in your project. It consists of two parts. At the top, we have Users where you can invite a user and …

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Vertical Flip

This data augmentation allows the user to vertically flip images with a certain probability. Parameters Probability This produces the probability of …

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Warm-up is a way to reduce the primacy effect for adaptive schedulers like Adam or AdamW of the early training examples. It allows them to compute …

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