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Getting started with Hasty

This guide is written for first-time users that want to get started with using Hasty. It contains some tips and tricks on how to label quicker while …

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Hamming score

Hamming Score is the fraction of correct predictions compared to the total labels. This is similar to Accuracy , and in fact they are …

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Hasty JSON v1.1

Our own export format that uses a similar structure to COCO, but builds on top of it with added complexity JSON Example { "project_name": "Project …

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Horizontal Flip

This data augmentation allows you to horizontally flip images with a certain probability. Parameters Probability This produces the probability of …

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Hotkeys shortlist

Global hotkeys General annotation right mouse click on existing annotation - (click on an object) bring up classes pop-up menu to change assigned …

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How to automate labelling images with Hasty.ai

In this course, I'm going to show you how to annotate your custom dataset, automate the process, and get feedback on your annotation strategy before …

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How to contribute

Overview of topics In the wiki, we dive into visionAI concepts of a wide variety of topics. The list will be ever-growing, but below you find our …

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How to get AI production-ready with Hasty.ai

In this video, we'll show how you can use Hasty to go from raw data to a production-ready model. While doing so, we highlight several issues that is …

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How to handle EXIF rotation

So, one of the more common issues we have in Hasty concerns EXIF rotation. Essentially, you look at an image locally - and it looks fine. You upload …

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How to import images from an AWS S3 bucket

In this video, we show you how to import images from an external AWS S3 bucket to Hasty, using our CLI-tool.

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Sample inference script for torchscript exported image-tagger. The following script should be run from the model export directory: import torch …

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Image Classification Assistant

The Image Classification Assistant is our offering to automate image classification. We do so by training an AI model based on the data you provide. …

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