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The modern AI workforce part 2: In-house or outsource?

A walkthrough on the costs, benefits, and risks of outsourcing annotation work. We also give you our recommended approach.


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The modern AI workforce part 1: Why you need expert annotators

Going through the need for expert annotators and how you can minimize the cost of having expensive experts annotating for you.


Development Project Manager ML Engineer Domain Expert

Using Computer Vision to Identify Critical Anatomy in Surgical Images

Find out how the Stanford Medical AI and Computer Vision Lab (MARVL) used Hasty to create the largest dataset containing images taken following …

Julia Gong

Development Project Manager ML Engineer Annotator Admin

The first end-to-end vision AI platform with truly automated data cleaning capabilities

Clean your data 35x cheaper using Confident Learning instead of Consensus Scoring.

Alex Wennman

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Automated quality control, opening up the AI black box, and more

We’ll go through the most critical parts of the new release and give you a bit more insight into what we’ve built and how it might benefit you.

Alex Wennman

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The first completely free one-click segmentation tool

We are releasing a new, free feature that allows you to annotate in one-click. Read more about how it works and how you can try it here.

Alex Wennman

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Uncovering hidden biases in your data

This post is a hands-on guide on how you can use Hasty's tooling to de-bias your data.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

Development Project Manager Domain Expert

Using VisionAI for Getting to Know Guillemots, the Seabirds Telling Us about the Future

How the Bangor University in Wales uses Hasty to analyze climate change's effect on maritime eco systems.

Eleanor Falch

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Panoptic Segmentation Explained

A more holistic understanding of scenes for computer vision

Juan Pablo Lagos

Development Annotator Admin

Opening the black box of vision AI algorithms

A pattern-matching view on convolutions and neural networks

Hasnain Raza

Design Software Engineer

Infrastructure that is never noticed

Practical machine learning is about much more than statistics and model architectures only. Resilient and reliable infrastructure is the foundation …

Andriy Borodiychuk

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How to nail your annotation strategy

A guide to finding the right approach for your use-case.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

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