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Panning and zooming

To use Hasty, you will need to manipulate the work area in such a way that you can label whatever you see fit to annotate. For this, we have two …

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Pascal VOC

The well-known Pascal VOC format is well documented here . With the Pascal VOC page from Oxford being down at the moment, the links point to a …

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Intuition As a neural network accumulates more parameters, it is more exposed to overfitting. Too many epochs can lead to overfitting of the training …

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Primitive deployment using web frameworks

General scenario to deploy a ML model into production In general cases, we mostly follow the above diagram for deployment. There are 4 layers to …

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Project Overview

Our project overview page is the first page you will see in Hasty when logging in. Here you can see your datasets, create new projects, and edit …

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Project Summary

You can access a project-specific report by clicking the three dots on the card of the project you want to see the summary of, and then click …

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In this type of split, the input data in randomly assigned to the test, train and validation set according to the given sizes. The split is done …

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ReduceLROnPlateau is a scheduling technique that monitors a quantity and decays the learning rate when the quantity stops improving. The improvement …

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General Information RetinaNet was first introduced to discuss Focal Loss and its use in one-stage object detectors. It had been observed that the …

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RMSprop is another optimization technique where there is a different learning rate for each parameter. The learning rate is varied by calculating the …

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All of us have experienced getting different results after successive iterations of an algorithm with the same data. This can occur due to randomness …

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Semantic Segmentation (png images)

Export archive directory and file structure project_folder |-- label_classes.json |-- dataset1_name |-- image1.png |-- image2.png |-- ... |-- …

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