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How to import images from an AWS S3 bucket

In this video, we show you how to import images from an external AWS S3 bucket to Hasty, using our CLI-tool.

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Sample inference script for torchscript exported image-tagger. The following script should be run from the model export directory: import torch …

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Image Classification Assistant

The Image Classification Assistant is our offering to automate image classification. We do so by training an AI model based on the data you provide. …

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Image export

Very simply, this exports all or a selection of images available in a dataset in a zip-file.

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Image tag prediction

Image tag prediction dashboard Widgets GPU Consumption Running time Inference time Hamming Score VS Number of Iterations Loss VS Number of Iterations …

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Image Tags

Image classification is one of the first use cases of computer vision and many projects still use it today. To support image classification, we built …

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Image Transformations

This page describes how to build image transformations for test time deployment of your exported models. To maintain the expected performance of your …

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Import annotations

Go here if you are looking for how to upload images. Here, you can upload annotations that you already have created in other annotation tools, or …

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Importing annotations

Contents Hasty support an import of existing annotations of the following types: bbox - Bounding boxes (as a JSON file) polygon - Polygons (as a JSON …

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Individual experiment overview

Detailed overview of running an experiment and seeing its results. After creating an experiment with all model parameters, the user now can run the …

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Instance Segmentation

Instance Segmentation dashboard Widgets GPU Consumption Running time Inference time Average Loss VS Number of Iterations mAP VS Number of Iterations …

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Instance Segmentation

Sample inference script for torchscript exported instance segmentation model Mask RCNN code example import torch import numpy as np from PIL import …

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