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Data Split

Page the user sees when they enter Model Playground This page essentially gives an overview of the various splits already tried when a user enters …

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DeepLabv3+ is a semantic segmentation architecture that builds on DeepLabv3 by adding a simple yet effective decoder module to enhance segmentation …

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Deploy dashboard The Deploy option in the Deploy & export page allows you to choose a model from the available experiments to choose as the …

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DEXTR is an AI-powered tool that is available to you from the start. It works by you placing four markers (or more) - one on the most northern edge …

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Efficient Net

Efficient nets are the family of neural networks with the baseline model constructed with Neural Architecture Search . Neural Architecture Search is …

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The number of epochs is a hyperparameter that defines the number of times that the learning algorithm will work through the entire training dataset. …

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Epsilon Cooefficient

We shall make use of Adam optimization to briefly explain the epsilon coefficient. For the Adam optimizer, we know that the first and second moments …

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Error Finder

For Error Finder to produce useful results, you should first have a mature AI model helping you with annotation automation. If the AI assistant of …

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This scheduling technique reduces the learning rate every epoch (or every eval period in case of iteration trainer) by a factor "gamma". At the last …

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Exporting data

You can export your data out of Hasty by clicking on the three dots for the project you want to export from: This will open the "Export" modal. Here, …

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Faster R-CNN

Faster R-CNN is an architecture for object detection achieving great results on most benchmark data sets. It builds directly on the work on the R-CNN …

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FBNetV3 makes up a family of state-of-art compact neural networks that is generated through Network Architecture Recipe Search, NARS. NARS is an …

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