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Attributors are used in combination with other models such as object detectors , semantic and instance segmentors . They add a layer of meta-data to …

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Automated labelling

Automated labelling is a way for you to batch-process images in your project. Essentially, you take a model used in your project (Object Detection …

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Average Loss

Average loss is the average of various losses that is arise in a model. Average loss varies from model to model since different types of loss arise …

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Base Learning Rate

The learning rate defines how large the steps of your optimizer are on your loss landscape. The base learning rate defines at which learning rate …

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On the first setup screen, you can set the name of a project and add a project description. When you are done editing any fields on this page, don't …

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Batch Size

The batch size depicts the number of samples that propagate through the neural network before updating the model parameters. Each batch of samples …

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Binary Cross-Entropy Loss

Binary Cross-Entropy loss is a special case of Cross-Entropy loss used for multilabel classification (taggers) . It is the cross entropy loss when …

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This data augmentation feature allows you to blur your images with certain probabilities. The intensity of the blur can also be adjusted by adjusting …

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Bounding Box

Most object detection tasks that are done today are done through the use of bounding boxes. Marking out an object by putting a rectangle over it is a …

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Bounding Box Regression Loss

Object detection involves localization and classification. Localizing multiple objects in an image is mainly done by bounding boxes. The bounding box …

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Box to Instance

The origins of Box to Instance were a couple of companies coming to us and saying they had large datasets with bounding boxes that they needed to …

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Brush and Eraser

The Brush and the eraser tools are used to create (using the brush) and remove (using the eraser) masks or to edit masks. Masks is what we we call …

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