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Manual and semi-automated tools

Hasty offers a wide variety of manual and semi-automated tools to get you started with your annotation efforts. Depending on your project, different …

Development User documentation

Manual Review

Manual review is a quality control interface where you can see all annotations made in a project in one place. You can also filter using one of our …

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mAP (mean Average Precision)

Mean average precision (mAP) is the most meaningful metric for object detectors , instance , and semantic segmentors . It incorporates the trade-off …

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Mask R-CNN

Mask R-CNN is the most used architecture for instance segmentation . It is almost built the same way as Faster R-CNN . The major difference is that …

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Merging polygons/masks into one annotation

When you annotate an object with obfuscation like here: Here we have a player behind an other player that was annotated using 5 separate polygons …

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Min delta

Intuition As a neural network accumulates more parameters, it is more exposed to overfitting. Too many epochs can lead to overfitting of the training …

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Model Dashboard

Model dashboard user interface overview Dashboard overview in detail format Dashboard in widget format Dashboard Information: Split name Experiment …

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Model Exports

Exporting models for deployment to personal or edge devices In Model Playground, you have the option of exporting the best model from an experiment. …

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Momentum (SGD)

Momentum speeds up the SGD optimizer to reach the local minimum quicker. If we move in the same direction in the loss landscape, the optimizer will …

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This tool is the default tool in Hasty, meaning that it is in use when you first enter the annotation interface. You can use this tool to move …

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MultiStepLR is a scheduler that decays the learning rate with a certain multiplicative factor set by the user when a certain milestone is reached. …

Development User documentation

Object Detection

Widgets GPU Consumption Running time Inference time Average Loss VS Number of Iterations mAP VS Number of Iterations Predictions on classes

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