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Join our #MLirl event in New York City

Everyone is talking about applying ML to real-world use cases, but there’s very little sharing between teams doing the implementation. We want to change that with our #MLirl event series. For the 21st of September, we're hosting an MLirl event in Greenwich Village with speakers from **Etsy**, **PrecisionHawk**, and a leading MedTech startup sharing how they take AI from the research lab into the real world.

Date: 21st of September Time: 18:00 EST Location: Flatiron District

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The speakers

Kyle Gallatin

Kyle Gallatin

Sr Software Engineer ML at Etsy

Topic: Insights about MLOps from serving 100s of models

Kyle will share insights about MLOps and ML in production from a unique perspective. As a trained biologist, Kyle started his career in data science with a boot camp course in NYC. He transitioned quickly from student to teacher at the same boot camp. This led him to score a job as an ML engineer first at Pfizer, and now at Etsy, where he helps to build the ML platform serving all different business units of the company.

David Vaughn

David Vaughn

Senior Data Scientist at PrecisionHawk

Topic: Building a custom training and inferencing pipeline using orientated bounding boxes

David has 15+ years of experience in ML and is a 1st place Kaggle winner. After acquiring his BA from Harvard, he spent a long time in academia before switching to the startup world. Today, he works at PrecisionHawk—a company that offers drone-flights-as-service. David builds ML solutions to assist teams of Geo-spatial scientists in automating their workflows for use cases like damage inspection of power grids. In his talk, he'll share insights on the challenges when building custom training and inferencing pipelines for specialized use cases.

Alex Barteau

Alex Barteau

Senior Engineer

Topic: Navigating hardware constraints and global IC shortages

Alex works for a NY-based startup that helps businesses detect harmful contaminants in health-critical industries. Alex's role is to deploy the vision models to the edge hardware, which he'll shed some light on during his talk. Earlier in his career, he worked as an Instrument Engineer at ExxonMobil and pursued an MS in Computer Engineering from NYU and has been working on developing and programming hardware since.


  • Hasty Intro (5 min)
  • Talks (15mins + 5mins QA each)
    • Insights about MLOps from serving 100s of models by Kyle Gallatin
    • Navigating hardware constraints and global IC shortages by Alex Barteau
    • Insights and challenges from building custom pipelines by David Vaughn
  • Networking (30 mins)


Will there be food/drinks?

Yes, there will be both food and drinks provided. We'll even get you some German beers to stay true to our heritage.

How do I access the location?

Instructions for accessing the location will be sent a week before the event.

Is the event free to attend?

Yes, it's completely free to attend.

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