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We are presenting #Mlirl - Machine learning in real life

Everyone is talking about applying ML to real-world use cases, but there’s very little sharing between teams actually doing the implementation. We want to change that with our #Mlirl event series. For the US kickoff in San Francisco, we lined up speakers from Inspiren, Open Robotics, iRobot, and Warecorp sharing how they take AI from the research lab into the real world.

Date: 7th of April 2022 Time: 17.00-18.30 PDT Location: Remote

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The speakers

  • Kyle Lampe

    VP of Engineering

    Kyle is probably the best person to talk to when it comes to managing engineering and ML teams. He spent most of his career at Microsoft, where he first dipped his toes in ML with the Kinect, Xbox, and Sesame Street, but then he got the startup itch and left the mothership. He used his expertise in computer vision, and together with his wife (a veterinarian), he built a CV platform to help monitor equestrian health. The endeavor was successful, and the startup got acquired by Magic AI. Today, at Inspiren, he's on the mission to help nurses provide better hospital care with AI-enabled devices.

  • Elena Jakubiak

    ML Engineer

    If you followed tech news last year, you probably already heard that iRobot’s Roombas can detect dog poop and drive around it instead of running straight over it and smearing it around the house. Elena’s team is responsible for collecting data is used to train the networks behind such features. In her talk, She will dive into how iRobot manages the massive incoming stream of data while adding new features to their models.

    Before joining iRobot, Elena was doing research for companies like Microsoft or Mitsubishi.

  • Katherine Scott

    Developer Advocate

    Kat spent most of her career building super cool software in various startups. She co-founded SightMachine, where she was working on a data platform for manufacturing, and later Tempo Automation, where she built software to automate the design of PCBs. After that, Kat led image analytics teams at Planet (satellite imagery for the world’s most prominent organizations) and 3Scan (insights based on medical imagery). Today, at Open Robotics, she’s on a mission to make building robots accessible to everyone. Kat will present their open-source Robotics OS (ROS) and demonstrate it on a live robot.

  • Jason Grey


    Jason is that most rare blend of deep technical skill, unmatched problem solving, solid appreciation and respect for the creative process, and well-tuned aesthetic sensibility. He started his career in tech when most peeps doing ML today were still in kindergarten. At age 14, Jason began a consulting business for web development. He then went into ad-tech, then into corporate America, and today is CTO of Warecorp with doing consulting in between all of those things. At Warecorp, the team builds custom applications for clients like NVIDIA or Pantheon.


  • Hasty Intro (5 min)
  • Talks (15mins + 5mins QA)
    • “Selecting optimal training samples with computer vision” by Kyle Lampe
    • "Maintaining an ever-growing data asset while adding new features to the models already in production" by Elena Jakubiak
    • "How to deploy vision AI models to robots in less than 10mins" by Katherine Scott
    • “Prototyping computer vision applications quick and easy” by Jason Gray

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