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Join our #MLirl event in Boston

Everyone is talking about applying ML to real-world use cases, but there’s very little sharing between teams doing the implementation. We want to change that by starting with our #MLirl event series.

For the 14th of June, we're hosting an MLirl event in central Boston with speakers from NASA and Wildtrack sharing how they take AI from the research lab into the real world.

  • Dr. Ryan Alimo (NASA) will talk about Computer vision on the Mars Rover
  • Nicholas Morant (Wildtrack) will talk about Using computer vision to protect endangered species
Date: 14th of June Time: 17:30 EST Location: Boston, Back Bay

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The speakers

  • Dr. Ryan Alimo

    Lead ML Scientist at NASA

    Previously at:

    Ryan is an ML/AI scientist at NASA’s JPL and founder of OPAL AI Inc, a startup up in Silicon Beach. Dr. Alimo’s research interests span the theory and practice of data-driven optimization, machine vision, and swarm autonomy. He was awarded NASA JPL’s Voyager in 2019 and Discovery Awards in 2020, where his research works were featured in technology highlights of NASA’s JPL in 2019 and 2020.

  • Nicolas Morant

    ML Engineer @Wildtrack

    Previously at:

    After an impressive track record in the real estate industry, Nico went back to University to pursue a graduate degree in Data Science at Harvard. He met the Wildtrack NGO during this time, which set its mission to protect endangered species worldwide. They do this by building non-invasive tools to monitor wildlife and sharing this information with researchers, other NGOs, and governments. The project is a prime example of enhancing expert ecological knowledge with artificial intelligence.


  • Hasty Intro (5 min)
  • Talks (15mins + 5mins QA)
    • Computer vision on the Mars Rover by Dr. Ryan Alimo
    • Using computer vision to protect endangered species by Nicolas Morant
    • Speaker to be announced
  • Networking (30 mins)

Will there be food/drinks?

Yes, there will be both food and drinks provided.

How do I access the location?

Instructions for accessing the location will be sent out to you a week before the event.

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