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Class Predictor Assistant

The class predictor tool is the first of our AI powered features to kick in on a project. The goal of this assistant is to remove the need to specify …

Development User documentation


DEXTR is an AI-powered tool that is available to you from the start. It works by you placing four markers (or more) - one on the most northern edge …

Development User documentation

Hotkeys shortlist

Global hotkeys General annotation right mouse click on existing annotation - (click on an object) bring up classes pop-up menu to change assigned …

Design Development Deploy Video

How to get AI production-ready with

In this video, we'll show how you can use Hasty to go from raw data to a production-ready model. While doing so, we highlight several issues that is …

Development User documentation

Image Classification Assistant

The Image Classification Assistant is our offering to automate image classification. We do so by training an AI model based on the data you provide. …

Development User documentation

Image Tags

Image classification is one of the first use cases of computer vision and many projects still use it today. To support image classification, we built …

Development User documentation

Instance Segmentation Assistant

This assistant will help you with finding, creating, and labeling shapes and offers an exponentially quicker way of preparing data for instance …

Development User documentation

Introduction to the annotation environment

If you have used graphical editing tools or other annotation tools, our annotating environment should be familiar. For newcomers or users that wonder …

Development User documentation

Label Attribute Assistant

The Label Attribute Assistant is our offering to automate adding metadata to annotations. We do so by training an AI model based on the data you …

Development User documentation

Label Attributes

In computer vision, adding extra data to annotations is becoming more and more common. To support that, we have developed a feature we call label …

Development User documentation

Manual and semi-automated tools

Hasty offers a wide variety of manual and semi-automated tools to get you started with your annotation efforts. Depending on your project, different …

Development User documentation

Merging polygons/masks into one annotation

When you annotate an object with obfuscation like here: Here we have a player behind an other player that was annotated using 5 separate polygons …

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