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AI assistants status overview

Out of the many questions we get from our users, many concerns the status and training of our AI assistant models. We’re the first to admit this has …

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ATOM segmenter

ATOM is a an AI-powered segmentation tool that can be used both for instance and semantic segmentation. It is available from the start of every …

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Attribute Prediction

Attribute Prediction dashboard Widgets GPU Consumption Running time Inference time Hamming Score VS Number of Iterations Loss VS Number of Iterations …

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Automated labelling

Automated labelling is a way for you to batch-process images in your project. Essentially, you take a model used in your project (Object Detection …

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On the first setup screen, you can set the name of a project and add a project description. When you are done editing any fields on this page, don't …

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Bounding Box

Most object detection tasks that are done today are done through the use of bounding boxes. Marking out an object by putting a rectangle over it is a …

Instance segmentation Semantic segmentation Panoptic segmentation User documentation

Box to Instance

The origins of Box to Instance were a couple of companies coming to us and saying they had large datasets with bounding boxes that they needed to …

Instance segmentation Semantic segmentation Panoptic segmentation User documentation

Brush and Eraser

The Brush and the eraser tools are used to create (using the brush) and remove (using the eraser) masks or to edit masks. Masks is what we we call …

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Classes and attributes

Label classes and attributes Here you can create and edit label classes and attributes that will be used in your project. Label classes Label classes …

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Class Predictor Assistant

The class predictor tool is the first of our AI powered features to kick in on a project. The goal of this assistant is to remove the need to specify …

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Creating and editing a project

Create a new project To create a project, first, you have to go to the project overview. From there, click on the "Create new project" card. This …

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Creating a new split

Layout for new split creation Parameters used for creating a new split Split name Type of model would you like to experiment with - It includes …

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