All annotation is now free in Hasty

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Whatever you are paying for labeling is too much

As the first company globally, we are making all labeling features completely free to use, including our best-in-class automation features. Our goal …

Alex Wennman

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How we cleaned up PASCAL and improved mAP by 13%

We cleaned up all 17.120 images of the PASCAL VOC 2012 dataset in a week using Hasty’s AI-powered QC feature. We found that 6.5% of the images in …

Vladimir Lyashenko

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Bringing active learning, model explainability, and Bayesian networks to Hasty with the help of ProFit

How we plan to use active learning further to improve the automation and effectiveness of machine learning tasks.

Lisa Wäntig

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Using Computer Vision to Identify Critical Anatomy in Surgical Images

Find out how the Stanford Medical AI and Computer Vision Lab (MARVL) used Hasty to create the largest dataset containing images taken following …

Julia Gong

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The first end-to-end vision AI platform with truly automated data cleaning capabilities

Clean your data 35x cheaper using Confident Learning instead of Consensus Scoring.

Alex Wennman

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The first completely free one-click segmentation tool

We are releasing a new, free feature that allows you to annotate in one-click. Read more about how it works and how you can try it here.

Alex Wennman

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Using VisionAI for Getting to Know Guillemots, the Seabirds Telling Us about the Future

How the Bangor University in Wales uses Hasty to analyze climate change's effect on maritime eco systems.

Eleanor Falch

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Opening the black box of vision AI algorithms

A pattern-matching view on convolutions and neural networks

Hasnain Raza

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Building the data flywheel to overcome data shift

How companies like Tesla and Amazon make sure that their ML-models in production adapt to ever-changing environments

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

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Building a Xmas GAN

Here's a fun little side project about training a GAN to Christmasify images.

Hasnain Raza

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From start to pro in Hasty

Over the last few months, Hasty has seen continued, accelerating growth. To keep the momentum going and deliver on our promise of built for and by …

Tristan Rouillard

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We need "Agile" in machine learning

It’s time for a non-linear, iterative approach that builds highly performant vision AI applications.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario


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