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Buy or build ML solutions

This article will look at one of the most complex decisions for most organizations starting new AI projects. Should they buy or build the software …


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How to organize ML teams

How do you best structure ML teams? In this article, we break down different approaches and go through the pros and cons of these approaches. …


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Pricing a vision AI project part 1 : What projects are worth spending money on?

This article, the first of a four-part series, goes through the initial steps needed when getting started with AI. Specifically, we look at how to …


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Pricing a vision AI project part 2: Understanding the costs

In our previous article in the series, we looked at how you can prioritize AI projects and gave a quick back-of-the-napkin calculation to use for …


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The modern AI workforce part 2: In-house or outsource?

A walkthrough on the costs, benefits, and risks of outsourcing annotation work. We also give you our recommended approach.


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The modern AI workforce part 1: Why you need expert annotators

Going through the need for expert annotators and how you can minimize the cost of having expensive experts annotating for you.


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Infrastructure that is never noticed

Practical machine learning is about much more than statistics and model architectures only. Resilient and reliable infrastructure is the foundation …

Andriy Borodiychuk

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We need "Agile" in machine learning

It’s time for a non-linear, iterative approach that builds highly performant vision AI applications.

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

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Accessing Model Playground

Hasty provides a no-code solution to train models that solves a variety of tasks ranging from semantic segmentation to object detection. For further …

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AWS Sagemaker vs. Hasty

This text is an in-depth comparison of Hasty and AWS Sagemaker going through function by function so that you can make the best possible buying …

Semantic segmentation MP Wiki

CascadeMask R-CNN

CascadeMask R-CNN extends Cascade R-CNN by adding an extra mask head to the cascade. One of the proposals of the cascade mask R-CNN in the original …

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Machine learning IRL - 9th of Feb 2022

Everyone is talking about applying ML to real-world use cases, but there’s very little sharing between teams actually doing the implementation. We …


Because of Hasty, PathSpot has been able to accelerate development of key features. Open communication and clear dialog with the team has allowed our engineers to focus. The rapid iteration and strong feedback loop mirrors our culture of a fast-moving technology company.

Removing the risk from vision AI.

Only 13% of vision AI projects make it to production, with Hasty we boost that number to 100%.