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On the first setup screen, you can set the name of a project and add a project description. When you are done editing any fields on this page, don't …

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Batch Size

The batch size depicts the number of samples that propagate through the neural network before updating the model parameters. Each batch of samples …

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Challenges of Deployment

A few of the challenges most teams usually run into during the deployment stage: 1. Differences in programming languages The machine learning model …

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Classes and attributes

Label classes and attributes Here you can create and edit label classes and attributes that will be used in your project. Label classes Label classes …

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COCO Dataset format

Hasty allows you to export your project in the very well-known COCO dataset format. You can find more information about this format here .

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Color Jitter

This data augmentation tool adds brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue to your sample images. Parameters Brightness It sets the brightness of the …

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Commonly used web frameworks

Flask is an open-source lightweight web framework built in Python to deploy web applications. To begin using Flask, we must first install it on our …

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Computer Vision in Production with Hasnain Raza

Hasnain is a Machine Learning Engineer here at Hasty AI. In pure engineering fashion, he likes tackling engineering and real world issues, trying to …

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Containerized Deployment

Previously explained frameworks should be running well on your machine, but you might run into issues when you try to deploy to another environment …

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Cosine AnnealingLR is a scheduling technique that starts off with a very large learning rate and then aggressively decreases it to a value near 0, …

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Creating and editing a project

Create a new project To create a project, first, you have to go to the project overview. From there, click on the "Create new project" card. This …

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Creating a new split

Layout for new split creation Parameters used for creating a new split Split name Type of model would you like to experiment with - It includes …

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