All annotation is now free in Hasty.


Whatever you are paying for labeling is too much

Alex Wennman

As the first company globally, we are making all labeling features completely free to use, including our best-in-class automation features. Our goal is to reduce the up front investment and de-risk AI development drastically.

Data labeling costs are holding AI back

There are very few off-the-shelf data assets in practical AI that will fulfill your need. If you want an AI solution that works, you will have to create your own. But this is hugely expensive and requires vast manual workforces or large budgets. Data labeling takes anywhere from 35 to 80% of project budgets.

We drastically reduce the cost by giving you free access to all our labeling automation features without imposing usage or user limits.

How does it impact you?

We believe this change will lead to a positive difference in AI development. From what we’ve seen, the cost of data labeling has two negative impacts on AI:

  1. It raises the threshold for organizations to experiment - leading to fewer AI projects getting off the ground.
  2. As you don’t know how much data you need, it also creates speculative project budgets that are too optimistic, meaning many organizations get their fingers burned financially.

The result: 87% of AI projects fail (source: Gartner).

Our goal is to reduce the failure rate to 0, and we see offering free annotation automation as a massive step towards that goal.

How does Hasty compare with the competition?

When it comes to data labeling, there are two cost drivers: tooling and manual workforce. For tooling alone, you can spend up to USD 10,000 per month. You typically pay somewhere USD 2-10 per hour for a manual labeling workforce, which quickly adds up to another USD 10,000 for larger projects.

We remove the tooling costs, and with our automation features, we reduce the cost of manual labeling drastically (10-16x).

So, what do you get for paying a premium somewhere else?

Not better automation. We’re best-in-class there. Or something that supports scaling better. We handle projects consisting of millions of images without much fuss. And not up-front cost certainty. We are one of the few companies that will tell you upfront what you get for your money.


Whatever you are paying for labeling is too much. In Hasty, data labeling is now completely free - including all automation features - and comes with no strings attached.

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