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Buy or build ML solutions

This article will look at one of the most complex decisions for most organizations starting new AI projects. Should they buy or build the software …


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Exploration of different Deep Learning model formats

There are many different ML frameworks and, as a consequence, ML formats today. In this article, we summarize popular formats in existence today and …


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How to analyze the performance of vision AI models and connect it to business metrics

Many companies want to use AI to improve specific business metrics. But how do you understand the relationship between ML metrics and business …


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How to organize ML teams

How do you best structure ML teams? In this article, we break down different approaches and go through the pros and cons of these approaches. …


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Implementing the data flywheel

As the ML space is maturing, processes and best practices for what happens after you successfully manage a first project launch are becoming more …


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Introduction to MLOps

This introduction to MLOps is intended as an introduction to the field, it's similarities and differences compared with DevOps, and how it can help …


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Using the Hasty Inference Engine API

As part of our data flywheel , you can get inference results from the model you trained using the Hasty API . We provide a way to upload an image and …


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Pricing a vision AI project part 1 : What projects are worth spending money on?

This article, the first of a four-part series, goes through the initial steps needed when getting started with AI. Specifically, we look at how to …


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Pricing a vision AI project part 2: Understanding the costs

In our previous article in the series, we looked at how you can prioritize AI projects and gave a quick back-of-the-napkin calculation to use for …


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The Frankensuite problem in vision AI

Today, there are many tools, software, and platforms that are aiming to assist AI teams in various ways. Many of them are great. However, an ML …

Maulik Chetri

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The vision AI blueprint

A walkthrough on how to deliver successful vision AI projects

Tobias Schaffrath Rosario

Development Deploy ML Engineer Project Manager Software Engineer

No-Code Model Building Keeping You In Full Control

We are now launching Model Playground, a model experimentation and building environment where you can train and benchmark models on your data without …

Alex Wennman


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