Model Playground has now been released to open beta. Check out our announcement here.
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The Hasty Community

Join our Slack and become part of a diverse group of ML engineers who build visionAI applications for the real world.

We're in this together

Hasty is only as great as our users. This is why we're launching the community program — to connect you with each other and provide you value beyond the tool. Whether you're new to ML or an expert, the community has something for you.

Learn from each other

Ask your questions about ML, find good content, and help out others; as they say, giving is better than receiving 😉

Be the first one to know

We have a lot of great things planned—from new features to cool events! Always be first in line.

Contribute to Hasty

Do you have an idea how to make Hasty better or just like giving honest feedback? Have a say in our roadmap.

Level up your visionAI game