CloudFactory has acquired to offer a complete end-to-end Vision AI solution

Instance segmentation in minutes instead of hours

Hasty’s annotation tool is the first ever that uses a human-in-the-loop, AI-assisted approach. The result? You can create instances 12x quicker than ever before.

AI assistance getting you labelling fast

With our instance segmentation assistant, you will get quicker and more effective annotation.
Every annotation you make, we send to our model trainer that creates a custom model for you to use when annotating.

This custom-tailored approach to AI annotation means that you can get the assistance of our AI tools no matter what the use case.

Constant feedback so that you can adjust your strategy

With Hasty, you can directly interact with an AI model - allowing you to debug and debias your dataset.

Say that you are seeing in-tool that the model is struggling with picking up people with face masks? Add more annotations with face masks to improve and make your data asset more robust before training your first model.

Batch process thousands of images in one click

With our models maturing and getting you better and better results, the need for human supervision decreases. With enough data, you can batch process the rest, or a specific part, of your dataset in one click.

  • "Before discovering Hasty, labeling images was labor intensive, time-consuming, and less accurate. Hasty’s approach of training the model while labeling with faster annotate-test cycles has saved Audere countless hours."

    Jenny Abrahamson

    Software Engineer at Audere
  • " helped us improve our ML workflow by 40%, which is fantastic. It reduced our overall investment by 90% to get high-quality annotations and an initial model."

    Dr. Alexander Roth

    Head of Engineering at Bayer Crop Sciences
  • "Modern tools like Hasty are very accessible for everyone at Element Six to harness the power of AI with a relatively low investment"

    Tanmay Rajpathak

    Applications engineer at Element Six
  • "Because of Hasty, PathSpot has been able to accelerate development of key features. Open communication and clear dialog with the team has allowed our engineers to focus. The rapid iteration and strong feedback loop mirrors our culture of a fast-moving technology company."

    Alex Barteau

    Senior Computer Engineer at PathSpot Technologies
  • "Hasty has taken our data labeling to the edge. Both semantic and bounding box labeling has gone from weeks or months on our large data sets to days. For QA, I just reviewed 19,000 labels in 5 hours. WTF!"

    Shane Prukop

    CEO at TruPart Manufacturing

Removing the risk from vision AI.

Only 13% of vision AI projects make it to production, with Hasty we boost that number to 100%.