All annotation is now free in Hasty.

Classify thousands of images in one click

Why classify every image by hand? Hasty learns while you classify, and trains an AI model to assist you. When our AI assistant gets confident, you can classify thousands of images in seconds.

AI classification out-of-the-box

With our image classification assistant, you get an automated assistant predicting classification tags for all of your images.

With our help, you can become 90% quicker in classifying data.

Understand your data better

With classification especially, it can be hard to understand your model. What does the model understand - and where does it need more help?

With our assistants, you get constant feedback on what our model sees when you annotate and can debug your data asset while working.

Automated labelling that labels 1000’s of images in minutes

With enough data, the need for a human diminishes. You label thousands of images. Our segmentation assistants are getting better and better.

And you find yourself accepting all suggestions on image after image. Now it’s time to use our automated labeling feature, enabling you to batch-process all, or a portion, of your remaining data in one click.

Tuple helped us improve our ML workflow by 40%, which is fantastic. It reduced our overall investment by 90% to get high-quality annotations and an initial model.

Removing the risk from vision AI.

Only 13% of vision AI projects make it to production, with Hasty we boost that number to 100%.