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Image classification done right

Hasty’s online annotation tool is the first ever that uses a human-in-the-loop, AI-assisted annotation approach. The result? You can create classifications 10x quicker than ever before

AI classification for images and annotations

We have two assistants helping you with any classification task. With our image classification assistant, you get an automated assistant predicting classification tags for all of your images. With our annotation classification assistant, you get the same - but for every annotation you make.

With our help, you can become 90% quicker in classifying data.

Using AI assistants to understand your data better

With classification especially, it can be hard to understand your model. What does the model understand - and where does it need more help?

With our assistants, you get constant feedback on what our model sees when you annotate and can debug your data asset while working.

Classify thousands of images with one click

When the suggestions we generate are getting so good that you don’t have to correct them any longer, you can annotate the rest of your dataset with the press of a button.

Getting started is easy

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Jenny Abrahamson

Software Engineer
at Audere

“Before discovering Hasty, labeling images was labor intensive, time-consuming, less accurate, and progression through the groundwork to build our AI detection model was much more frustrating. Hasty’s approach of training the model while labeling with faster annotate-test cycles has saved Audere countless hours. The speed and ease of use have allowed us to accelerate our mission to improve global health in the world’s most underserved communities.”