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AI-powered annotation adopting to your use case

With Hasty, you get AI annotation automation that adapts to your use case. With our assistance, you can annotate 90% quicker than before

6000 projects
have been created for over 4000 teams since 2020
50.000 models
have been trained to assist with annotation tasks
90% automation
is achieved for projects with >5 000 images for a 10X increase in output
10x faster
In comparison with manual annotation tools, our users are 10x faster when annotating

AI tooling learning with you

The origin of Hasty was the three founders struggling with annotation. Manual annotation took too long, pre-labelling required considerable QA, and transfer learning never got the results we were looking for.

Our solution was a tool that continually learns on your data and trains custom Vision AI models for any problem you want to solve - getting you annotation assistance that works with any use case.

AI assistance for every annotation type

We provide AI assistants helping you with instance and semantic segmentation, object detection, image classification, and annotation attributes.

So whatever problem you are working on, we have the tooling for you that makes you faster.

The quality control features you need to fix any data issues

As the first tool in the world, we offer an AI-powered quality control feature. With it, you no longer have to look for issues. Instead, you can focus on fixing them. See all your potential problems in one dashboard. Accept the problems you want to be fixed and reject the rest. With us, you go from spending hours on quality control to minutes.

Scaling with your team

From 1 person teams creating small MVPs to enterprise projects with hundreds of annotators, Hasty has the functionality you need.

Integrate your cloud storage, organize your team and data as you want it, and use our access control features to ensure that your data is safe.

Getting started is easy

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Jenny Abrahamson

Software Engineer
at Audere

“Before discovering Hasty, labeling images was labor intensive, time-consuming, less accurate, and progression through the groundwork to build our AI detection model was much more frustrating. Hasty’s approach of training the model while labeling with faster annotate-test cycles has saved Audere countless hours. The speed and ease of use have allowed us to accelerate our mission to improve global health in the world’s most underserved communities.”