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Helping humans teach machines to see the world

Hasty supports vision AI practitioners and their evolving needs by developing best-in-class annotation tools that are supported by a community of machine learning engineers, data scientists and software developers.

Our story

Hasty was born in Berlin in 2018. While working to create AI products for manufacturing, we kept running into roadblocks with annotations that held us back. Existing annotation tools were slow, ineffective, and failed to take advantage of recent AI breakthroughs. We tried all the common techniques of prelabeling, using public datasets, GANs and other generative methods, but ultimately all of these still relied on a significant, accurate, relevant Ground Truth dataset, which is exactly what we were trying to build.

After trying many tools, we decided the answer was to create our own tool that leverages AI to build AI by giving it a learning curve. The Hasty CTO, Kostya designed the initial architecture of the solution and rallied the team around him to deliver on a promise of an easier future for all practitioners who are looking to build advanced, customized and specialised vision AI solutions. Since our launch in late 2019, Hasty has helped thousands of users across the world overcome the same problems we encountered – ushering in a new era of automation, fast and accurate annotations, and successful models.

Hasty today

Hasty is headquartered in Berlin, with a diverse team distributed across Europe and Asia. We received seed investment from Shasta, coparion and iRobot after being incubated by wattx (part of the Viessmann group). We feel blessed to be surrounded by investors and advisors who believe in the mission of making vision AI more accessible and achieve the potential of this powerful technology.

We are a tech-driven team that has developed into a band of misfits, made up of individuals who are all slightly strange in the best way. We are passionate about the nuanced interplay of great usability and hardcore tech. The exploration of these nuances with a team of uniquely brilliant people is what has driven Hasty to the position it is in today.

Hasty Founding Team


CEO and co-founder


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CPO and co-founder

Hasty Advisors

Issac J Roth (Board member)

Shasta Ventures

Hanns Anders (Advisor)


Jay Hallberg (Advisor)

Shasta Elevate

Toba Spiegel (Advisor)


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