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Hasty’s end-to-end ML platform automates and accelerates the implementation of vision AI for companies with unique data assets so that practitioners can deploy with confidence.

Our story

Before we launched Hasty in 2019, the core team worked on asset tracking, robotics, sorting, and QA applications with various German manufacturers using vision AI. We had a highly skilled team including 2 Kaggle masters, an expert research engineer, a highly-skilled physicist turned data scientist, great DevOps, and backend engineers, and we still couldn't get our models to fly.

We applied the hyped SOTA techniques, including GANs, unsupervised learning, training on CADs, transferred learning, and a smattering of others. Still, our team spent evenings and weekends labeling data, building infrastructure, and executing countless training runs. The techniques we were using were proven, but we were not getting the expected results.

We realized the problem was that the tech worked well; however, there was a lack of support from professional tooling to enable efficient, agile processes. We were in the same position as DevOps engineers were five years ago and software engineers five years before that.

We built Hasty around the concept of using AI to train AI. Hasty’s CTO, Kostya, designed the initial architecture of the solution and rallied the team around him to deliver on a promise of a more accessible future for all practitioners looking to build advanced, customized, and specialized vision AI solutions.

Since we launched, Hasty has helped thousands of users worldwide overcome the same problems we encountered – ushering in a new era of automation, fast and accurate annotations, and successful models. Our mission is to help companies with unique data assets to add vision AI to their products and services in a reliable and scalable way.

Hasty today

Hasty is headquartered in Berlin, with a diverse team distributed across Europe and Asia. We received seed investment from Shasta, coparion, and iRobot after being incubated by wattx (part of the Viessmann group). We feel blessed to be surrounded by investors and advisors who believe in the mission of making vision AI more accessible and achieving the potential of this powerful technology.

We are a tech-driven team that has developed into a band of misfits, made up of individuals who are all slightly strange in the best way. We are passionate about the nuanced interplay of great usability and hardcore tech. The exploration of these nuances with a team of uniquely brilliant people is what has driven Hasty to the position it is in today.




Ceo and co-founder



CPO and co-founder



CTO and co-founder



Issac J Roth

Board member - Shasta


Jay Hallberg

Advisor - Shasta


Toba Spiegel

Advisor - coparion


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